Spiritual Healing Sessions

My spiritual healing sessions are a magical and seamless blend of modalities and techniques that have been finely tuned through experience.

A Typical Session Includes The Following:

  • Reiki traditional hand positions for energetic healing, flow and light activation
  • Prana energy to cleanse the auric field
  • Violet ray invocation technique for transmutation of emotional discord
  • Chakra balancing crystal grid placed for purification and light/subtle body alignment and activation
  • Guided imagery for chakra clearing and tuning
  • Master’s touch modality for clearing any negative energy/entities and chord cutting
  • Quantum touch modality for better energetic flow
  • Kundalini galactivation for guiding one towards their life purpose
  • Organic therapeutic grade essential oils used as aromatherapy for grounding and opening the divine connection
  • Channeled spiritual wisdom/guidance as an ongoing ‘reading’ throughout the session
  • Soothing sounds of meditative music and water in the background

What Are The Results To Expect From A Session?

Every session is an entirely unique experience and there is no right or wrong experience to have. Its all about it being exactly what you need for your current place on your life’s journey.

The session will help you to balance and release any energy that no longer serves you and is deeply relaxing and recharging.

During a typical session reiki, crystals and guided meditations are used to clear and balance the flow of energy through your chakra centers.

​The chakras are located on different parts of the body and affect many aspects of one's thoughts, feelings and overall energy. When the chakras are balanced people enjoy life more to their fullest potential.

8 Benefits From Spiritual Healing You May Not Know About

  1. Helps to unplug from the daily grind.
  2. ​Helps to visualize new perspectives.
  3. Creates more feelings of inner wellness.​
  4. Helps if feeling 'stuck' in a life situation.
  5. Reduces stress and anxiety.
  6. Creates more peace of mind.
  7. Deeply relaxing.
  8. Helps you thrive more.​

My Experience With Spiritual Healing

I began my journey with the holistic healing arts more than a decade ago and have since helped countless clients find more of the balance and peace that bring about improved energy and wellness.

It was my own personal experience with holistic energy healing sessions that guided me to be a practitioner. My first lesson learned and potentially the most important is that energy healing is a journey. The more you allow yourself to feel it, the more transformation takes place.

Learning and receiving energy healing not only helped me feel better but also helped me see things in a new perspective. I became more aware of how what comes to us in life is directly related to what kind of signals we put out there.

This was the beginning for me to believe in the amazing power of things that are not seen in the physical world but still exist as energy. Things such as intuition, intentions, thoughts, mindset and feelings. Furthermore, that these are some of the most important aspects to living a happy, fulfilled and successful life!

My sessions are deeply relaxing and give you an energetic recharge. I focus on dissolving and releasing any energetic blocks that cause negative effects such as stress and emotional discomfort which maybe holding you back from attracting the things in life you truly desire.

How Does Spiritual Healing Work And What Happens During a Session?

In a spiritual energy healing session, not involving massage, the client remains fully clothed and will begin typically on a comfortable table lying face up. We begin by asking questions to discern your needs and wishes for the session as well as any and all pain issues wanting to be addressed. This is the time when I will be formulating a protocol and intention for the given session.

During the session eyes may be closed or open and will typically utilize touch and non-touch techniques. Light music, a fountain and dim lighting will be used for relaxation and moderate chit chat or complete silence may be observed whichever is most comforting. I will begin by calling forth the spiritual energy such as Reiki and others and use whatever special techniques that are planned for a given session for optimal healing potential.

Traditional reiki will typically be used and involves running through a series of holds while administering the energy through different energy grids on the body both front and back and then sweeping away the energetic debris from the aura. Crystals, essential oils and guided meditation will also be included as additional tools for energy healing and chakra balancing.

Sessions can last for various lengths of time and the client will be extremely relaxed after the therapy and it may be necessary to wait a period of time before driving. The client should drink plenty of water for the first few days after a session as the healing will continue working for several days after the session.

Spiritual healing is very safe and non-invasive and can be received 1-2 times per week or more if necessary. It is normal to have heightened emotional sensitivity for a period of time after the session which is a good sign that negative emotions are being released. The overall extent of healing power resides in the faith of the person receiving. The more the client has faith in these well-known ancient healing modalities the greater the results that will be attained.

Some conditions that can be treated with spiritual energy healing include but are not limited to aches, pains, fatigue, stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, and emotional discomfort.

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