Spiritual Energy Healing Of Spaces

Cleanse And Uplift The Energy In Your Space!

Top Signs Of Negative Energy In Your Space

  • Doesn’t have a relaxing or comforting vibe
  • Feelings of being ‘off’ or drained
  • Strange unexplainable sounds
  • Traumatic events are known to have happened in the space

How Negative Energy Can Have An Effect On You

  • Will attract more negative energy
  • Cause mental and emotional distress
  • Harder time resting, sleeping and recharging
  • Can carry over into your work and social life

About The Energy Cleansing Of Spaces Ceremony

  • Originally created by a Tibetan Lama (a high ranking monk)
  • Restores a sense of serenity, peace and balance
  • Helps protect your space from future bad vibes
  • Positive energy attracts more positive energy
  • Includes a Prosperity Blessing
  • Clears the energy of former occupants

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