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What Is The Process Of Learning Reiki?

Reiki is an energy healing modality that can be applied to the self and to others. In order to be able to practice reiki one must learn the knowledge and receive a series of attunements associated with each level of reiki by a Reiki Master Teacher (RMT).

An attunement is a ceremony conducted by a Reiki Master. The student is passed an attunement along with the knowledge for each level of reiki practitioner status 1, 2 and 3.

Without receiving the attunements reiki is not accessible to practice. Attunements must also be received from a Reiki Master Teacher in person. Because each attunement has to integrate with the body before moving onto the next level the student should take their time with the process as outlined by the teacher.

Reiki healing is learned in three separate levels (1, 2, and 3) which correspond to different aspects of the human makeup. Level 1 is the physical, level 2 addresses emotional and mental and level 3 (the master level) addresses the soul/spirit.

The first step on the road to becoming a Reiki Master is Level 1 where the student learns the first symbol, how it is used and other important information, receives the first attunement, begins self-healing practice and begins to relieve discord on the physical level.

The Level 1 attunement usually takes between 30 and 60 days to fully absorb into the body's energy system before the student is ready to receive the Level 2 emotional/mental/distance healing attunement.

At Level 2 the student will learn the meanings of the Level 2 symbols and be able to send reiki healing over distances to those in need. This is a cathartic level whereby emotional and mental discord is felt and released. The student will learn to transmute emotions and gain greater mental awareness and stability.

The student should remain at Level 2 for as long as necessary until all mental and emotional discord has been released so that as a healer these types of discord do not weaken the reiki given to others.

Level 3 is the Master/Teacher level where the student will learn the master symbol of soul alignment and its meanings. Once the attunement for this level has been received the student is considered a Master and will be given the ability to teach and also administer attunements.

As a Reiki Master, one can use the healing ability as they choose but always for good purposes as reiki is synonomous with Universal Love. Reiki healing power will cease to work and be deactivated if attempted to be used for poor intentions.

Reiki is our gift to the planet and the human race and as it spreads the people and planet will heal!

Reiki Usui Symbols

Reiki is a method of natural healing whereby reiki healing energy is transferred from the practitioner to the client using either hands on methods or with non-touch techniques.

Whatever the preferred method is for a given situation a series of symbols will be used and can be applied in a variety of ways.

The techniques involved for the use of the symbols will vary and be adjusted to the desire of the client as each symbol has a different meaning and healing intention.

The most common form of reiki used today is called Usui and was developed by the reiki master Dr. Mikao Usui after the following series of symbols were channeled to him in the beginning of the 1900's.

Knowing these symbols and their basic uses does not constitute an 'attunement' which is part of the three step process one takes to become a reiki healer.

In order to become a reiki healer one must learn from a reiki master. Without the attunements use of these symbols has no healing effects.

Cho-Ku-Rei reiki symbol


Healing sessions usually begin with this symbol - calls the healing energy to come forth. Physical healing

Sei-He-Ki reiki symbol


Mental and emotional healing and clearing

Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen reiki symbol


Distance healing, past-present-future healing.

Dai-Ko-Myo reiki symbol


Master symbol ~ Soul healing

Raku reiki symbol


"The lightning bolt" ~ bank the energy

Reiki Training Classes

Reiki is exciting and easy to learn and makes a great addition to any holistic health career, as a stand alone practice or just for your own personal journey (or all of the above!).

My Personalized Reiki Classes Include:

  • Personalized, comprehensive training
  • An amazing attunement process
  • Effective techniques of how to use reiki are also taught to make the most of each level of training
  • In depth syllabus provided with each course level for future referencing
  • Certificate of completion

Level 1 Reiki Training Class

Reiki Level 1 primarily addresses physical level healing and is the beginning that activates and opens your energetic channels reconnecting you with powers you have always had so that you can handle more Ki (aka lifeforce energy).

In this training you will receive the Level 1 Reiki attunement and learn additional information including:

  • Reiki history
  • The meaning of Reiki
  • The direction of the industry
  • The level 1 symbol and its meaning
  • How to use Reiki on yourself

Level 2 Reiki Training Class (pre-requisite: Reiki Level 1 training)

Reiki Level 2 takes you deeper into the practice and addresses healing on the mental and emotional level. Although the self-healing learned in level 1 continues this level is the beginning of being able to channel energy to other people, places and situations.

In this training you will receive the Level 2 Reiki attunement and learn additional information including:

  • The Level 2 symbols and their meanings
  • Understanding intuitive guidance techniques
  • How to do distance healing
  • How to Reiki your food or water
  • Techniques for protecting your energy
  • How to practice Reiki on others

Level 3 Reiki Master/Teacher Training Class (pre-requisite: Reiki Level 1 and 2 training)

The Reiki Master/Teacher (RMT) level is the final training on your path to becoming a certified Reiki Master. This is the level of soul healing.

In this training you will receive the Reiki Master/Teacher level attunement and learn additional information including:

  • The Reiki Master symbol and its meaning
  • How to pass attunements
  • How to teach Reiki
  • On going advice on how to expand your practice

Reiki History

Reiki healing is considered by most involved in the field to be a gift to humanity in order that we may always be able to heal ourselves.

Although this healing process has been with us since before antiquity it had been forgotten and lost over many years until it was finally brought back to life by the remarkable modern day father of reiki Dr. Mikao Usui who resurrected the aspects of this ancient form of healing in the early 1900's.

Today reiki is one of the most accepted and well known forms of natural energy healing due to the astounding number of testimonials delivered by its practitioners and clients.

People seek the benefits of reiki for any number of reasons which include pain relief, emotional cleansing, mental clarity, spiritual endeavors, performance enhancement and just plain relaxation.

Reiki practitioners operate under the tenet that all undesirable circumstances are rooted in the energetic body and manifest into the physical body.

Reiki healing energy works at this level to release energetic discord. Reiki healing energy is completely harmless and non-invasive and is empowered by the receiver's faith in its ability to heal.

Besides receiving the benefits of a reiki treatment as a client one can also develop their own ability to heal with reiki. There are three levels to learn and receive 'attunements' for in order to become a reiki healer.

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