Soul Emanations

The Ultimate Deluxe Energy Cleansing Of Spaces Kit


  • Ancient Tibetan healing and clearing of spaces ceremony instructional video
  • Bamboo Sri Yantra mandala crystal grid (11" x 11")
  • Clear quartz crystal wand
  • 5 high grade crystal points (yellow jasper, green aventurine, blue sodalite, red jasper and clear quartz)
  • Tibetan brass Tingsha bell set
  • Large beautiful Abalone shell
  • (1) traditional white sage bundle
  • (2) palo santo wood sticks


*please allow 3-5 business days for order processing as each kit is individually assembled, blessed and attuned.

Top Reasons To Cleanse The Energy Of Your Space:

  • Known traumatic events have occurred in the space
  • Unsure of the space's history and has a 'bad vibe'
  • To uplift or 'raise the vibration' of the space's energy
  • To promote overall health and well-being
  • To dissipate stress, anxiety and/or depression
  • To practice good spiritual hygiene as lingering negative energy can affect everyone in the space on a subconscious level without anyone being aware of it

How To Use This Kit

This deluxe energy cleansing of spaces kit is best utilized in conjunction with the powerful and auspicious ancient Tibetan space clearing ceremony that is included and makes use of all of the spiritual tools provided.

This is a professional and highly effective system that is perfect for bigger jobs and can handle more extreme discordant energy circumstances although not suitable for entity removal.

The techniques outlined in this space cleansing ceremony can also be of use for individuals seeking to earn a living by space clearing in their own communitites.

This deluxe kit is a complete solution for energy clearing in any space including outdoors and is exponentially more powerful and beneficial than simply lighting a sage bundle alone.