Soul Emanations

Large Ankh Key Of Life Symbol Upscale Wall Decor Plus Exclusive Video Instruction - How To Use For Amazing Spiritual Benefits

Product Details:

  • ideal for decorative, meditative and ceremonial purposes
  • made of a high grade lightweight metal that is sturdy and scratch resistant
  • inset with (4) polished black cabochons
  • constructed to a golden mean ratio of 15" x 9.27"
  • weight: 427g thickness: .187"


*please allow 3-5 business days for order processing as each Ankh is individually blessed and attuned with Reiki and Prana.

The Power Of The Ankh

The Ankh Symbol holds ancient mystical powers to initiate dramatic and far reaching positive changes to every area of your life.

The Ankh is not so much representative of the process of life but is more indicative of the key which can serve to unlock the mysteries of life.

Placing an Ankh in the home or any special sacred space begins to improve and modify the etheric fields in that space for the better.

A strategically placed Ankh in your space helps protect the well-being of all family members including pets, plants and even food.

The Ankh continually radiates its powerful energies and cleanses dark negative energies as well.

By simply viewing the Ankh symbol on a regular basis in your space you will automatically strengthen the connection between your heart chakra and the Universal mind thereby raising your consciousness and releasing energetic blockages in your aura and etheric body.

Ankh Symbol Construction

The bigger the Ankh the more powerful it is at radiating and transmuting its energies. Metal is considered good but copper is much better.

By far the most common material for the construction of high-quality ankhs throughout history has been copper due to its abilities to harness, focus and transmit Universal energies in effective and specific ways.